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Natasha's Journal

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21st November 2012

12:30pm: An Ode To Light

I tried to be there, but you asked me to leave.

You became mine again and decided to retrieve.

I tried to make you happy, and create better days.

It’s your fault we’re here now, because you wouldn’t stay.

Afraid to make the wrong choice, you now lay in lust.

It’s partially my fault you can no longer trust.

But you are held accountable for the rest of the blame.

It was you I cried over, I almost drowned in your name.

And to think that at 20, you’d have my heart on a string.

It’s crazy that I thought that we could out live this thing…

This situation of age restriction and long distance

But the truth is that love has always been persistant.

You left me no option, I chose to move on.

I’m happy now Sunshine, where have I gone wrong?

You hate me with a passion and I understand why,

But why can’t we get passed it and let all of this fly?

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